Great Benefits For Your Employees

Attract and retain top talent by offering world-class benefits.

Employee Benefits Outsourcing For Staffing Companies

Employee benefits have become an essential part of any job package offered at medium to large enterprises.

Small businesses find it especially difficult – and financially unfeasible – to match the benefits offered at a large company, let alone those of a Fortune 500 business. What can you do? Rely on an employee benefits outsourcing company like Frontline HRO. Based on feedback we’ve received from thousands of employees over the years, we’ve been able to perfect our benefits packages to make them the most desirable for job seekers.

With Frontline HRO as the employer of record (EOR), employees have access to benefits that match or exceed what’s offered at large companies. Our strong financial and buying power lets you provide workers with generous corporate-style benefits, helping you not only retain your existing talent but attract new hires that may have previously shied away.

Our Benefits Packages

Through our outsourced employee benefits services, Frontline HRO is proud to provide benefits packages that include:

Retirement plan options

Health insurance

Dental insurance

Vision insurance

Life insurance

Level Up Your Benefits Game

How many great employees have decided to go with another staffing firm simply because of the benefits offered by your competitors?

It’s time to stop losing out on top talent and offer comprehensive, appealing benefits packages that help your firm draw in and retain world-class employees. Request a quote for our outsourced employee benefits services and get in touch with Frontline HRO to get started.

Access The Funding You Need

Can’t wait 60 to 90 days to get paid by your clients?

Partner with our sister company, Frontline Funding, to gain access to immediate working capital. We help both startup businesses and established firms achieve financial goals through our custom solutions and strategic planning.